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    Default List of companies

    Merchant Cash Advance firm Filer names and contact information:

    * 1st Merchant Funding: 305-398-4270
    * AdvanceMe: AKA Minglewood services, Sound Garden 866-700-6486
    * American Finance Solutions: 800-760-5516
    * American Capital Advance: 800-599-9158
    * AmeriMerchant: AKA Merchants Advance, The Advance Funding Company 800-267-3790
    * Arch Capital Funding: 877-730-4992
    * Bankcard Funding: AKA BC Funding, LLC 888-221-4545
    * BizFunds 866-307-7241
    * The Business Backer: 866-615-4747
    * Business Consulting Options: 877-504-3555
    * Business Financial Services: AKA FATON INC 866-411-4006
    * Capital For Merchants: 877-898-2079
    * Centerboard Funding: 888-549-2111
    * Express Working Capital: 866-962-4922
    * Factor Funding: 877-336-4575
    * First Funds: AKA PRINCIPIS CAPITAL LLC 888-839-6925
    * Genesis Capital Enterprises: AKA Genesis Capital Partners 516-484-8411
    * Green Growth Funding: AKA Green Growth Partners, LLC 888-447-6894
    * Greystone Business Resources: AKA GBR Funding Inc. 866-813-1555
    * GRP Funding: 877-571-7999
    * Happy Rock Merchant Solutions: 1-800-762-5124
    * Infinity Capital Funding: AKA Infinity Capital Advisors 877-422-7501
    * Max Advance: 866-629-4464
    * Max Merchant Funding: 877-294-4448
    * Merchant Advance Funding LP: 220 5th Ave, ste. 400, New York, NY
    * Merchant Cash Advance of Texas: 713-785-4646
    * Merchant Cash and Capital: 212-545-3180
    * Merchant Cash Funding: 2475 65th st., Brooklyn, NY
    * Merchant Cash Group: AKA Strategic Funding Partners 866-610-6569
    * Merchants Capital Access: 877-690-4882
    * Merchant Capital Source: 866-969-7878
    * Merchant Resources International: AKA Advantage Capital Funds 800-828-0306
    * Money For Merchants: 305-538-5050
    * Mother Fund: AKA Rockwall Capital LLC 469-402-1118
    * Pinnacle Merchant Advance: 475 Veit Rd., Huntingdon Valley, PA
    * Professional Merchant Advance Capital: 631-901-1050
    * Quick Cash Business Services: 500A Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield, CT
    * RapidAdvance: AKA SBFN 877-467-2743
    * Smart Choice Capital:
    * Sterling Funding: 866-456-5638
    * Strategic Funding Source: AKA Colonial Funding Network 800-780-7133
    * Snap Advances: 877-557-7627
    * EZ Business Cash Advance: AKA Yellowstone Capital LLC 800-955-2411

    Firms that have ceased direct funding operations:
    Acacia Funding: 206-340-8910
    CashReady, LLC: 310-398-1516
    Cash On Demand: AKA Cash-On-Demand 888-527-3274
    Fast Capital: AKA JR FINANCE Co. No longer has contact information
    Global Swift Funding:
    Ifunds Cash Solutions: 800-554-4777
    Infinicap: 866-754-9080
    Merit Capital Advance: 866-419-0649
    Reach Financial: 203-862-9400
    Royal Advance: 877-667-9730

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    Default Updated Principis Capital (First Funds) Contact Info

    New Sales
    Phone: (866) 311-5463
    Fax: (866)-295-8391

    Customer Service
    Phone: (866) 295-2616 option 7
    Fax: (800) 207-5018

    ISO Partnership
    Contact: Nick Del Deo
    Phone: (212) 560-6320
    Fax: (212) 560-6321

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    the ETA sent me a directory a few days ago....about a 450 pages of contacts of people in this industry.

    I was thinking that I might be able to share it with this forum....I would have to find out if I'm allowed.

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    in the cash advance industry or processing?

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    Both and also programming, suppliers, and basically anyone involve in this market. its a butt load of contact info and details that we are building a team of investigators for on all fronts for the recovery accounts from merchants.

    We deal with the PFG group, along with the energy providers so the network of debtors crosses over to your industry allows us to do a significant recovery.

    What I'm trying to get implemented is a data resource so that when underwriting looks at funding, they will be made aware if the merchant is in default, has defrauded, valid information provided and is in fact an actually operation licensed rather than some putz that has or will swindle providers in this industry.

    I've been wanted to expedite this but its allot harder to build and get going than I thought along with earning DM's trust in that is what we are doing rather than some fly by night firm.


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