It’s a long way from Arizona Reuben Foster 49ers Jersey , USA to Nelson, NZ and even further from Nelson to Bundaberg, Queensland, but this is now home for Michael Frey and his wife Monica. Establishing his dental practice in Bundaberg in February 2008 after falling in love with the climate Solomon Thomas 49ers Jersey , the beaches and the warmth of the local community, Michael has continued to innovate and provide quality dental services to a growing patient base.

One of the reasons why people feel comfortable at Michael Frey Dental is that Michael has built his practice on values that support the long-term interests of his patients. “Thoughtful dental solutions that meet your goals” is the philosophy behind the services offered, and the continuing growth of the practice is testament to the effectiveness of this approach.

Advances in technology are constantly offering new techniques and treatments to dental patients, but the large distances between treatment centers in Queensland often meant that people would have to travel to Brisbane for certain treatments. Recognizing this Dante Pettis 49ers Jersey , Michael Frey determined it was time to bring these new technologies to a regional area such as Bundaberg. He is able to offer, for example, microscopic dentistry, air abrasion and digital photography and digital x-rays which allow patients to see their problems so they can understand the solutions being offered.

“It was always a hassle to get my children to the dentist Mike McGlinchey 49ers Jersey , but I kept their six monthly check-ups happening despite their protests. When Hamish developed a small spot of decay, Michael used the air abrasion device instead of the drill to repair the hole. There was no noise or vibration, and no need for an injection. It was all over before he knew it. Imagine having this in Bundaberg!” said Shelly M.

Apart from the usual treatments that would be expected to be available at any dentists Bundaberg dental surgery, Michael Frey Dental can also offer endodontic (root canal) treatment using the Global surgical microscope. This piece of equipment offers a level of magnification that allows the dentist to see every canal Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers Jersey , thus offering the patient the newest technology available. Whitening teeth is another procedure available which has become increasingly popular, and can offer quite dramatic results for the right patient.

Crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry and gold restorations are all available at this dentist Bundaberg Eli Harold Youth Jersey , but another problem that plagues many people is also offered a solution. Teeth grinding while sleeping has many causes, including anxiety, which often take a long time to treat. In the meantime, the grinding continues Jaquiski Tartt Youth Jersey , eroding the surface of the teeth and causing permanent damage. Michael can prevent this by working with the patient to create custom-made night guards worn during sleep to protect the surface of the teeth. Mouth guards to prevent sports injuries are also available.

“Both my young blokes play rugby league. A great game but it can be rough. The missus insisted on mouth guards. The boys kicked up a bit, but it paid off because the oldest one got an accidental knee right in the mouth that would have knocked out his front teeth for sure. Can’t thank Michael enough for getting the perfect fit,” said Craig S.

New patients find the convenience of being able to download both the medical history form and the patient information form from the website a big plus. It allows them to present for their first appointment with everything already completed so they can go straight into the surgery for their treatment. This is a simple innovation but is symptomatic of the way Michael runs his practice. From an easy web-based solution to more complex solutions that involve the latest in technology and techniques, Michael Frey Dental has raised the bar for dental services in Bundaberg.
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