MOSCOW Women's Ereck Flowers Jersey , Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- A 73-year-old wrestling coach has died of a heart attack after taking part in the Sochi Olympics torch relay, officials in the Kurgan region said on Monday.

Vadim Gorbenko, a Greco-Roman wrestling coach who headed a local sports school, felt unwell after carrying the torch over some 200 meters and died in a local hospital of a heart attack a few hours later.

Sochi Winter Olympics torch relay will cover 65 Women's Darian Thompson Jersey ,000 kilometers and is the longest in the history of the Olympics.
Getting engaged is one of the happiest times in a girl?s life and one of the most stressful for the guys. Will she say yes? Will she like the ring? Is it the right time? So many questions are running through your mind, the last thing you should worry about is whether or not you have the perfect ring. It can be a tough job for guys though, picking out a piece of jewelry she will wear for the rest of her life. You know her quite well ? but her taste in silver and diamonds? That?s a whole different ball game. Here are some tips on what to look for when shopping for engagement rings, what?s trendy right now and how to know you?ve picked the perfect ring.

There are four trends in engagement rings right now to keep your eye out for ? vintage Women's Sterling Shepard Jersey , solitaire, garden inspired style and rose gold. What?s great about these trends is that they are on the cutting edge of fashion but still timeless enough to be stylish for years to come. An important thing to do before hitting the stores is to be observant. Spend a week or so really paying attention to the kind of accessories your future fianc?e wears. If you never see her wear gold, a gold engagement ring probably isn?t the best choice. You should go with something in platinum or white gold. If she wears a wide variety of styles and metals, chances are you can?t go wrong with whatever you choose. With a girl like this Women's Eli Apple Jersey , you can go with a bold style and she is sure to love it. If she doesn?t wear much jewelry at all, your best bet is to go with something very simple and classic.

Let?s start with the vintage style engagement rings. Vintage style is back with a vengeance and is great for any girl who loves classic but bold style. Vintage style engagement rings typically have large and unique settings like a spiral or pyramid. True vintage rings are also one of a kind. They have intricate designs on the band which adds to the bold look. Vintage rings also usually have big, heavy cut diamonds with tons of sparkle. These rings have a timeless, old Hollywood feel to them. If you want a truly unique ring Women's Wayne Gallman Jersey , go vintage.

Styles inspired by nature are everywhere this year and engagement rings are no exception. There are some beautiful garden inspired styles out there that are sure to make any girl feel special. If your girl loves to be really girly and fashionable, this style is for her. Garden inspired styles typically have a bunch of diamonds set onto the center of the band in some sort of flower shape. These rings usually have round, oval and or pear cut diamonds with tons of sparkle. The actual setting is simple, almost invisible. The real draw comes from how the diamonds are laid out on the band. The bands are typically very simple Women's Davis Webb Jersey , with little or no design to them. A garden inspired engagement ring will grab attention for years to come.

Another simple engagement ring style that has become extremely popular is the solitaire ring. Solitaire rings have a timeless, classic appeal. These rings have become quite popular in the celebrity world. If you want to go with a ring that is simple yet stunning and will never go out of style, choose the solitaire. Solitaire engagement rings have the obvious solitaire diamond set in the center of the band. This style will give you the most versatility when shopping and is also the most traditional. Solitaire rings have a modern look to them with thick, solid bands and clean lines. You can find the diamond in any shape you want whether it is round Women's Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey , emerald, pear, oval or square. You just can?t go wrong with this timeless style.

The last trend to keep your eyes out for when ring shopping is rose gold. This soft, pinkish colored gold has become increasingly popular and can be a great alternative to yellow gold. You can find some stunning and unique engagement rings in rose gold. There are styles with one solitaire diamond on the top and small diamonds running the entire diameter of the band. Another unique option would be go with a ring that has a large emerald cut stone in yellow or green. You can also find platinum rings with a rose gold setting. The pinkish gold against the brilliant silver is gorgeous. There are so many different styles to choose from but if your girl is a fan of gold Women's Evan Engram Jersey , she will be pleasantly surprised at the thought you put in to picking out a rose gold ring.
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