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  1. Good afternoon. I just wanted to touch base and let you know about some changes we have made at Merchant Cash Finder. We have improved our marketing efforts to target a more specific audience while still casting a larger net. I am proud to say that our efforts are providing great quality leads than ever before. We are generating a lot of high volume leads in the right industries.

    I really believe that the quality of our leads coupled with your infrastructure will be very successful. I wanted reiterate that we are the only company dedicated to the Business Cash Advance Industry. Our competitors generate leads for several industries. We understand the dynamics of the Business Cash Advance Industry as well as the needs of our partners. We work with all of our clients to construct a lead program beneficial to their business model.

    You will never receive a lead with an Industry Type of Real Estate, Construction, Internet, as well as several others. Our clients often provide us with a prohibited industries list.

    Please let me know when you have more time so we may discuss things further.

    Thank you again.
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